At Painted Paws for Veterans, we believe that everyone can benefit from owning or spending time with a canine companion. For veterans, this can be especially true.


Military service can cause a strain on family relationships in the best of times. Add in the stress and traumatic experience of combat, however, and it can become especially difficult to maintain a connection to those around you. Conversations become arguments, and the veteran can become more and more withdrawn and distant. This can lead to symptoms of depression and anxiety, addiction issues and feeling like a stranger in your own home. And these issues are not just limited to the service member. Immediate family members who live with a veteran on a regular basis often start to show similar symptoms over time.

Companion dogs provide a therapeutic distraction by offering something to focus on and care for, and unconditional love and emotional comfort that can relieve the feelings of anxiety and stress in veterans, especially those suffering from PTSD and other disabilities.