If you are a veteran or family member, and interested in adopting a canine companion from an animal shelter or rescue, please contact us. We provide free adoption counseling and education to help you determine the right dog for the needs of you and your family. Then we go out and help you find that special dog.

Painted Paws for Veterans networks with various animal shelters and rescues to find available dogs that meet your specifications. We provide a single point of contact for your search, so that you don’t have to spend time driving all over the place. While we primarily focus on the Front Range area of Colorado, we also work with rescues and shelters scattered across the U.S.


Shelters can be very busy chaotic places, with a lot of people and a lot of noise. This can trigger extreme feelings of anxiety and stress in veterans suffering from PTSD and other emotional issues. The very individuals who can benefit most from having an emotional support dog, can be the ones who also have the most issues finding and adopting a companion animal.

Once a veteran or family member decides on a companion, we work with the shelter or rescue to complete the adoption and arrange for transportation of the dog, if necessary. Painted Paws for Veterans also performs follow-up checks to assist with any medical or behavioral issues.

While Painted Paws for Veterans does not accept dogs surrendered by the general public, all of the dogs adopted through this program come from animal shelters and rescues based on the needs and specific requests of veterans. Occasionally, we run across dogs in shelters that show excellent social and behavioral skills that make them a suitable emotional support or service dog candidate. These animals are then offered for adoption through this site.

Our programs are geared toward retired and disabled Veterans. Adoptions to active duty members and their families are considered on a case-by-case basis, due to issues with deployment and re-location.

To date, Painted Paws for Veterans has assisted in re-homing over 3,600 dogs through our animal shelter and rescue referral network.