Painted Paws for Veterans offers visitation for disabled veterans who are unable to take on the responsibility of canine ownership. This program is limited to veterans who have received a disability rating of 50% or more from the Veteran’s Administration.

There are many reasons that a disabled veteran may feel that they are unable to take on the responsibility of dog ownership. They include, but are not limited to, mental or physical disabilities, limited financial means or an inadequate home environment; no yard, or the landlord does not allow pets. While a veteran may not be able to adopt a permanent companion, they can still receive great benefit and emotional support, by spending time with a companion animal in a safe environment.


During the warm weather months, Painted Paws for Veterans offers veteran retreats on a forty-acre ranch in Peyton, Colorado. Attendance is limited in order to maintain a calm, safe environment in which veterans feel comfortable.

While on the ranch, veterans are encouraged to take part in the care of companion dogs, including feeding, socialization, bathing and cleanup.